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About Mindsect

Founded in 2013 by San Francisco-based Ausar Media, Mindsect was developed as a way to increase the efficiency of any corporation at any size with any number of employees.

Mindsect has been crucial in the development of all eight brands that are operated by the Ausar Media corporation. Those brands include Ausar Media, Shenzhen Eats, CantoPlease!, African Latino, Kingz of Tees, Woodard Education, SaeWhat? Clothing and Mindsect.

The Beginnings

Breaking the Industry Mould of Ausar Media: Shenzhen Eats

"When most of our clients were from Web Development, customer management was easier. After taking on tasks for other industries, the game changed. It was time for a company management system."

The Mindsect idea had its early beginnings in the workings of the Ausar Media corporation. Ausar Media, founded in 2012, was created as a 'new model' for what multitasking an entire company would look like.

Ausar Media corporation builds digital content and products for its clients. After accepting more clients, the number of industries we represented also grew. This made it difficult for staff to handle the separate and varying differences within each portfolio at the same time, using the same system.

After completing contracts for our clients, a meeting was called about the effectiveness of the new system. The thought was if this system was effective for managing our customers, there were a lot of possibilities for using this company management system. It was this idea that led Ausar Media to form a completely different product: a company management system. It was named Mindsect.

Our Brands

Ausar Media primarily manages brands that deal with digital content, media and education. Our most profitable brands are our educational brands, which include CantoPlease! (a Cantonese learning website) and Woodard Education (an English language learning center).

CantoPlease! is a newer brand that is an extension of Ausar Media's education efforts. Originally conceived in 2012, CantoPlease! specializes in teaching students the Cantonese language through music, movies and video tutorials.

The Future

The ultimate goal of Mindsect is to become a central nervous system for its clients and their customers. Mindsect's clients consist of corporations looking to reinvigorate the structure of their companies. Their customers will then be able to utilize our system to interact with the clients.

The main use for the Mindsect system will be for helping each client to understand its own management style, but also to allow the client to visualize their own method for making decisions.

However, for the foreseeable future, the Mindsect system will be fully concentrated on the in-house management of the eight Ausar Media brands before being available in any capacity to the public.

If you are interested in becoming a case study for our Mindsect system in the near future, please use our contact page for more details.

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